HelloTxt Official 4.0.0


Hellotxt is a simple and fun dashboard for the real-time web on Android.

Hellotxt is a fun and simple dashboard for the real-time web on Android.

Love social media but not the information overload? Then download Hellotxt to organise your busy social media world! With Hellotxt you can read all your friends' news in a single place, and also post your own updates to multiple social networks simultaneously.

* New Features on the new HelloTxt build 4.0.0:

- New intuitive design
- Faster & more responsive
- More social networks available
- Full tablet support

* Here are some of the reasons why Hellotxt is great:

1. All your social networks appear in one easy-to-use feed. You can even add your favourite RSS feeds.

2. Your social networks update together, and you can control how often updates occur.

3. Updates can be tagged with locations, you can also show what’s near you on the map.

4. Make your posts fun! Doodle your friend’s pics, draw freestyle on your maps and on your personal photos.

5. Love multimedia updates? On Hellotxt there are inline also for tweets of your friends!

* Here are some industry reviews of the app:

“(Hellotxt) is just one of many mobile and Web applications one can use for updating various social networks from a single interface. It is, nevertheless, a smooth and mighty fine one.”

TechCrunch - December 2010

“If you’re a social networking junkie Hellotxt is a service that can give you back some of your real world social time”

BBC Click - January 2011

Last Updated:2011-09-19 01:00:16
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OS:Android 2.0 and up

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